Our Program

Let’s Build Community Wealth & Power

The Process

How Do I Get Started?

  • Submit: Complete our Entrepreneur Interest Form.
  • Connect: We schedule a call with you to get to know each other better. Our team reviews mission-alignment and capital-readiness for your business.
  • Learn: You participate in pre-capital advising or training, at no cost to you, through our partner Uptima. When you’re ready, your advisor recommends you for our capital program.
  • Apply:: We invite you to apply. You present to our credit committee made up of advisors, business leaders, and local community members who are prepared to support your growth. Upon approval, you receive funding. 
  • Ongoing Support: You participate in ongoing business advising, local organizing, and become part of our vibrant community of entrepreneurs.

Loan Overview

Friends & FamilyEarly StageGrowth StageProfit Share Financing
Term5 years6 years7 yearsVariable based on profits
Interest Rate3%4%4%Variable payments based on profits
Payment Schedule2-yr Interest Only2-yr Interest Only1-yr Interest Only4-yr grace period

Eligibility Criteria

We are seeking those who are seeking us: mission-aligned entrepreneurs who want to make a positive social, environmental, or economic impact in the community.

  • You are an BIPOC* entrepreneur, at least 18 years of age, and currently residing in and/or have your business located in Alameda county or Contra Costa county.
  • Your business has the potential for meaningful positive social, environmental, and/or economic impact in your local community.
  • You are growing a small business or cooperative with the potential for employing others in the community.
  • You value and are receptive to working with advisors, taking outside advice, and participating in our community.
  • You have a for-profit business that is generating consistent sales/revenue.
  • You are excited about participating in our full social entrepreneurship program, including pre- and post-capital advising and training, as well as political engagement offerings.

What’s NOT part of our Criteria

  • No minimum credit score is required, and past credit issues are permissible. However, all existing debt must be disclosed and the applicant must be current on all payments. The applicant may not currently be in foreclosure, bankruptcy, or under any liens.
  • We do not require any collateral or personal guarantees.
  • We do not conduct background checks, and do not screen for incarceration history or citizenship status. 
  • At this time we do not not fund any businesses that touch the cannabis flower but we can fund auxiliary services in the cannabis industry.

*BIPOC includes Black, Indigenous, Spanish-speaking/Latine, Asian/AAPI, low income, immigrant, undocumented, formerly-incarcerated and working-class communities of color

To learn more about how you can support The REAL People’s Fund, visit our investing page.