Transforming the Economy in REAL Time

REAL People’s Fund presents a critical opportunity for mission-aligned investors to prioritize investments to Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian-American Pacific Islander, immigrant and low-income communities of color.

The REAL People’s Fund offers a rigorous entrepreneurship program that sets entrepreneurs up for success. We provide patient capital on fair terms, one-on-one business advising, and powerbuilding opportunities to develop leadership capacity. Entrepreneurs start with a comprehensive pre-loan advising program to ensure capital readiness and continue to receive robust support to build thriving, resilient businesses in the community.

As an investor, partnering with us means centering the needs of communities of color and investing in our right to access capital to create opportunities for advancement. It means recognizing the cycles of harm that our communities have been up against and employing capital as a tool to correct systemic inequities.

Experience the REAL Difference

We are rooted in community

REAL People’s Fund is founded and democratically governed by local grassroots organizations that advocate for community care, wellness, and collective prosperity. We keep decision-making power over how investments are directed in the community, for the community.

We address systemic failures

Financial systems were designed to harm communities of color and deplete them of wealth and power. We make capital, resources, and holistic support accessible for entrepreneurs of color – this is part of a larger movement towards an inclusive and restorative economy.

We build political power

Building power starts with on-the-ground organizing through events, training and political education to cultivate trusting relationships and uplift local leaders in our community. When we come together to share stories, set agendas, and influence decisions, we can create long term systems transformation.

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