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Financing for Small Businesses

The REAL People’s Fund is a community capital fund offering equitable access to finance for small businesses in the historically disinvested East Bay communities of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

Founded and democratically-governed by six community organizing groups, this unique fund directly addresses the systemic failures that prevent entrepreneurs in Black communities, Indigenous communities, and communities of color from accessing the financing their businesses need to thrive. Our goal is to build economic power and expand opportunity for everyday people.

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The Movement

The REAL People’s Fund is part of a broader movement to build a restorative and inclusive economy, and presents an opportunity to invest in a collective vision of equity, care, accessibility, and power-building.

The Crisis for Black & Brown Businesses

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The organizations managing this fund have decades of community organizing experience, and are deeply rooted in their communities. This is a real opportunity to generate collective wealth and economic power in BIPOC communities.

–Tash Nguyen, REAL People’s Fund
Network Coordinator and Board Chair

Community Governance

The REAL People’s Fund is democratically managed by the following community groups who advocate for community interests and  hold power in determining what kind of development their communities need.

Restore Oakland
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Restaurant Opportunities Center United
oakland rising
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Fund Administration & Support

The REAL People’s Fund combines grassroots ownership and control by local community organizing groups with professional fund management by the following partners:

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Loan Program Manager

Business Advising

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Fund Administrator

east bay community

Community Foundation Partner

Funding Partners

san francisco foundation
the rockefeller foundation
kataly foundation

To learn more about how you can support The REAL People’s Fund, visit our investing page.

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